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We believe in you, the rider. You know why you ride, how you ride and the ride you want. You are the best person to design your bespoke custom bike. Our mission is to empower you to direct the design of your bike – tuning it to your specific needs. The end product is uniquely precision crafted by the rider, for the rider.


Everyone at Bastion is driven by a passion for quality and the pursuit of excellence. We want to share the joy of embracing the latest technology and engineering the world’s finest bikes with you, the rider. We invite those who share our passion to join us, and, through our unique design process, discover the satisfaction of designing your own personal dream bike.

Benjamin Schultz

Co-Founder & Managing Director

James Woolcock

Co-Founder & Engineering Director

Dean McGeary

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Charlie Cranswick

Designer & Head Technician

Ethan York


Alex Gigliotti

Trainee Engineer

Common Questions

Can I see a demonstration model?

Yes. You are welcome to come to our factory and showroom during the hours shown on our contact page. If distance precludes a personal visit, our global retail partners stock demonstration frames and also offer design consultation, component selection and after sales service support.

What is your warranty policy?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on design and manufacturing faults for the original owner. If there is an issue we will collect your frame for repair or replacement. After analysing the failure we will consult with you regarding the best repair options before proceeding.

What is your crash policy?

The modular nature of our design means only replacing the required components, so repairing a damaged frame will typically only cost 25% the new frame cost. While each repair is different, generally speaking only one or two components will require replacement. The key advantage is the repair returns the frame to as-new condition.

Can you repair the frame if it is damaged?

Yes, the process is the same as our crash policy. You will only be charged for the parts we need to fix, dramatically reducing the cost. Also, instead of patch repairing the damage, we replace the entire damaged section, restoring it to as new.

Can you design a bike that is exactly fit for me?

While we have the capability to provide a data based bike fit for you, we recommend speaking to a fit professional. They will account for any injuries or asymmetries you may have, which we cannot do.

How long will it take to get my order?

Due to significant demand our lead time is currently 6 months. You will be informed of the estimated delivery date and any delays throughout the process.